Celebrating #WOL and Women of Leisure

You’ve caught us. #WOL and #WOLweek have nothing to do with leisure—in fact, it’s just the opposite.

Women of Leisure.

As we sashay right into our first day of #WOLweek, we celebrate those ladies who best embrace living the #WOL lifestyle: bon bons in the morning, a cocktail at mid-day, and a bit of afternoon sun by the pool. It’s high time that we properly acknowledge all of the women and their leisurely activities that sparked the powerful global social media trend called #WOLweek. Won’t you join us in the festivities?

“But wait,” you might be thinking right now. “It’s Women of Leisure week? Is that what all of this #WOL chatter is about? That can’t be.”

Dear Reader, you’ve caught us. #WOL and #WOLweek have nothing to do with leisure—in fact, it’s just the opposite. #WOL is about celebrating the open acknowledgement of an employee’s hard work in the office that may otherwise go unnoticed. There’s nothing leisurely about #WOL at all.

We did capture your attention though, yes? Now that you’re here, we invite you to learn a little bit more. This week marks International Working Out Loud (#WOL) Week, and Talk Social to Me is demystifying the concept, originally created by author John Stepper, in a series of blog posts.

Sharing work in progress by working out loud in your employee community is a great way to help others learn or to add contributions to your work. #WOL fosters meaningful relationships with others based on generosity and shared purpose.

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Are you intrigued about working out loud and its benefits? Here is an explanation of the concept from founder John Stepper:

Check back throughout the week for more #WOLWeek resources. We promise both a bit of fun and thoughtful education about working out loud in your organization…even if we must be a bit coy in bringing you into the narrative.

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