Upcoming Webinars: How to Measure Behavior in Your Enterprise Social Network

If you’re running your company’s enterprise social network (ESN), you will inevitably be asked about the success of the platform—are people using it? How often and what for? What value are we really getting out of this thing, anyway?

It can be difficult to know what metrics to track on your enterprise social networks like Yammer and Workplace. After all, knowing how many views your post gets doesn’t really tell you how many people read it, or whether they understood it, or whether they shared it. At best, the number of views can tell you an initial level of interest. But after that, who knows? In fact, focusing on the metrics that matter for your ESN can be tricky, since what we need to focus on are the behavioral changes that take place when adopting such a platform. Much of the value of an ESN falls into the intangible category, such as creating opportunities to connect, humanizing your organization, or facilitating communication outside the hierarchy. But, no matter your focus, the things you set out to measure should always be tied to your overall goals, and embedded into your community strategy.

To help you think through setting your company strategy and measuring success for your ESN, Talk Social to Me has partnered with SWOOP Analytics to offer two free webinars on this subject in May: one focused on Facebook Workplace and another focused on Microsoft Yammer. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the important metrics in Workplace by Facebook and Yammer, as well as simple, tactical day-to-day steps that every member can take to improve their collaboration habits.

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