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Communities are everywhere: our friends, our families, our neighborhoods, and our jobs are all built around groups of people that come together to communicate.

Talk Social to Me came to life after years of working at—and with—big companies struggling to build effective collaboration opportunities for their employees. For many years, I ran a technology company called Socialcast—a vendor that built early enterprise social networking software. From that unique vantage point, I saw hundreds of customer collaboration landscapes that were desperately in need of modern support. Newsletters and intranets and shiny new chat apps would pop up all the time, and yet there never seemed to be a real strategy for bringing people and information together in a meaningful way. At the same time, most companies weren't focusing on the human side of collaboration. Adding new technology was the quick and easy fix that just masked challenges.

There HAD to be a better way. And that's why in 2013, we started Talk Social to Me—a vendor-neutral consulting firm that partners with companies of all sizes to help build better communication and collaboration practices by leveraging the human social network that already exists amongst your employees.

We believe that companies have a responsibility to foster collaboration, productivity, engagement and authenticity in the workplace. This is best achieved with a combination of good technology, a strong strategy with distinct business goals, leadership participation, and a commitment to working in the ways that modern employees need to be successful.

I hope you’ll connect with us about helping your communities thrive at work. We'll be your partner in-the-trenches to provide everything from collaboration coaching and training to unique ideas and even day-to-day community schedules that we know work. We know our stuff about communities, and we look forward to helping you with yours.

Happy Collaborating!


Carrie Basham Young
Principal and Lead Community Strategist, Talk Social to Me