Today's Post in CMSWire - The Enterprise Collaboration Hunger Games are Here

Today, I've written a post for CMSwire about the future of the "social enterprise" and it starts a little something like this...

"Not long ago, a spark ignited inside a dystopian society, and the people staged a revolution against the oppressive, all-powerful leadership. But when the revolution failed, the leaders punished the people for their bold actions, instituting harsh policies that sent all but a few into a state of fear and despair.


This is the plot of The Hunger Games, yet it also seems familiar for enterprise employees who have felt restricted and oppressed at work. And though companies don’t send sacrificial tributes to battle to the death each year, mechanisms of control like annual performance reviews, budget cuts, and downsizing pump waves of fear into employees’ veins."

The Enterprise Collaboration Hunger Games are upon us, and in my article, I predict how these games will end - the people will triumph for a time, but they will never be able to stop fighting and fearing the next change that is around the corner in the workplace. Innovation in technology will continue to disrupt whatever positive changes we have made in how we communicate, which will make us all constant tributes in the Games we play at work. So don't burn out now, employees. We will be fighting battles for a very, very long time.