Introducing My Newest Startup in the World of Enterprise Social Software


"Once everything has been said and done, who says you can't start over?"

-Alegria, Cirque du Soleil

I'm excited to announce the launch of my newest business endeavor in the enterprise social software space. While I've been blogging and building up the "shell" of the business for some time, it's finally time to open my virtual doors to the world.

Today, I'm introducing Two Blue Birches, LLC - an independent consulting practice that helps customers bring social technology to life in the enterprise. I serve as a vendor-neutral, experienced and trusted advisor to companies in the process of vetting software and launching successful internal social communities and programming.

Some companies need a simple activity stream to make an existing SharePoint intranet more social, while others actually need ideation management. For some businesses, budgets dictate the size and scope of a social community, and for others, price is no object for secure information-sharing. My role as a consultant is to assist companies in not only selecting the right vendor and platform for their needs, but to also help them define those needs before getting started.

With years of experience helping my previous customers launch communities, I also take on the role of collaborating on launch plans, rollout strategies, and long term engagement planning. And, coming from many years as a vendor myself, I can skillfully liaise between customers and vendors to create full transparency, keeping the process honest and accurate.

Currently, I'm working with a global financial services client to build a business case for introducing social software into their company (vendors, if you'd like to learn more, contact me). I also consult with startups who target enterprise level customers to assist with the development of marketing, customer acquisition programs, and sales programming.

This is an exciting new endeavor for me and I'm looking forward to building out this practice as companies continue to adopt enterprise social software as the standard for how employees communicate at work.

You can still find me at for company details, services offered, and more thought leadership.