We've Worked with World Class Organizations


Fortune 100 Health & Wellness Company

Talk Social to Me strategized and implemented the transition to a new global enterprise social platform, with a focus on community-building and idea-sharing to support awareness and alignment across the global workforce.

Case Study [PDF]


Premium Athletic Clothing Brand

We engaged with a premium apparel company to introduce a new enterprise social platform, impacting not only how their employees communicated and collaborated, but transforming the brand’s very work and culture.

Case Study [PDF]

Global Pharmaceutical Corporation

Talk Social to Me partnered with an international, 120,000+ employee pharmaceutical company to support their global enterprise social platform migration and manage their 100% manual, employee-led content migration.

Case Study [PDF]

Public Technology Company

How our deep dive into a burgeoning public technology company's employee experience uncovered critical factors in technology, culture, and collaboration—and unveiled opportunities guaranteed to make an immediate business impact.

Case Study [PDF]


General Motors

Utilizing social collaboration to design, build, and sell a leading American vehicle brand.

Article: Uniting Internal and External Social Media
Article: Crowdsourcing Vehicle Design


Growing an innovation hub from 400- 50,000 employees by making 'social' critical.

Case Study [PDF]
Community Launch Video


Enhancing the culture and communications of a highly regulated firm.

Case Study [PDF]
Article: Strong Community Management
Article: Custom API Integration