It’s not a simple tool map, vendor recommendation, or channel mix. It’s an exploration of how your company behaves with technology.

Each organization is unique—not only the products or services they sell, but how they work, communicate, and collaborate. Some companies rely on e-mail for team and project coordination, some utilize numerous complementary and redundant collaboration tools (perhaps unbeknownst to their IT departments), and some have already implemented the ULTIMATE collaboration platform...but key influencers are still using email for everything. So is it the tools? Or is it the culture?

Your can pay an expensive analyst firm to research the latest and greatest technology platforms.

Or we can uncover organizational insights that may be crucial to implementation success.


How We're Different


We moderate a formal project kick-off with your stakeholder team to understand your company’s specific communication and collaboration needs and challenges, and develop our hypothesis for the engagement.


We conduct in-depth interviews with your people— from the CEO, CIO, and Head of Internal Communications to mid-level managers, desk workers, and employees in the field— to gain a holistic view of your company’s culture and workplace.


We orchestrate employee surveys to support our hypothesis and widen our sample size.


We work with your IT team to map your current toolset, technologies, and infrastructure against your workflow to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and assess the gaps.


We utilize our direct relationships with technology vendors to arrange private, customized demos as part of our comprehensive vendor audit.


We work with collaboration tools every day and stay up to date on industry news so we know firsthand when new technologies are launched, acquired, and add or improve features.


Because we are truly vendor neutral, we recommend the best channel mix for the way your organization behaves; the resulting “Which Tool When?” recommendation is a technological and cultural roadmap for your company.


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