Hiring a Chief Workplace Officer?

Whether you’re investing in a new, full-time role, or if you just need temporary launch support, a Chief Workplace Officer is key to a successful Workplace deployment.

Congratulations on bringing Workplace by Facebook into your organization! You’re on your way to better communication and faster collaboration from the front line to the C-Suite—and everyone in between.

The magic doesn’t happen on its own, however. Every organization needs a senior strategist and leader for your network—or what Facebook calls a Chief Workplace Officer (“CWO”)—to shepherd your community strategy, launch plans, training, and engagement calendar.

The Talk Social to Me team has over 10 years of experience building employee communities, and we know definitively that a dedicated specialist tasked with organizing your Workplace deployment and ongoing engagement will be the difference between a thriving or languishing community.

Employing a Full-time Chief Workplace Officer

If you’re uber-prepared and have headcount to spare, creating a new role for a CWO is ideal. The CWO is a jack-of-all-trades for Workplace with 5–10+ years of business experience, ideally in Internal Communications, HR, or Marketing.

The CWO will require a variety of different skills in communication, technology, leadership, social media, and strategy. One moment they’re coaching the CEO, and the next they’re producing content for the next engagement campaign. The CWO is a leader and a doer, tasked with advocacy, training, strategy, and coaching on the skills of working in Workplace for everyday employees.

Depending on your organization, the CWO may oversee one or more Community Managers, or may take on the lion’s share of the day-to-day execution. In larger organizations, the CWO will assume Workplace as one of many strategic Communications or HR priorities, making the need for “on the ground” support critical.

Download a PDF of our Chief Workplace Officer job description to use as a baseline for your job posting and list of qualifications.

Or contact us for an editable version (or to discuss your CWO needs).

Partnering with an Interim Community Manager and CWO on the Outside

Sometimes your launch happens before you can blink. When your CEO mandates Workplace to launch in just 6 short weeks, there’s no time to spare (and likely no headcount, either).

Many organizations rely on temporary CWO support from Workplace partners like Talk Social to Me. With hundreds of community launches under our belt, we come in and organize your launch in days, not months. When the expectations are high, but time is short, working with an experienced partner to take on the required community management duties will let you focus on the strategy while the day-to-day facilitation, training, and network set-up is accomplished with confidence.

Check out our services to learn more about how Talk Social to Me can jump in and support your Workplace deployment as an interim Chief Workplace Officer.