Talk Social to Me has partnered with ServiceRocket to create Elevate—the first Workplace Partner program designed to accelerate Workplace adoption for regulated and deskless-workforce enterprise customers.

In the past, companies with hourly or Union-based workforces—as well as highly-regulated industries such as finance and healthcare—have shied away from internal communication platforms designed to give all employees a voice. Fortunately, with the proper strategy, moderation add-ons, and "guardrails" for appropriate usage, all companies can now benefit from the numerous cultural and productivity advantages of true employee connection and collaboration.


How It Works


Long before you “go live,” we’ll help you to develop a customized strategy, engagement plan, and checklist to ensure that your Workplace launch is a success—for all your workforce types.


ServiceRocket's Moderate App helps to ensure industry compliance with critical, personalized keyword tracking, giving companies instant access to data about important topics to watch.


As conversations grow in strength, the Moderate add-on reports on the most popular and "high velocity" discussions that are creating organic, employee-led dialogue.


An experienced community manager will help you every step of the way. Proactive coaching and training of leaders supports their ability to react to high-profile conversations in a timely manner.


Elevate integrates Workplace into a company's day-to-day business operations by alleviating the fear of the unknown and preempting the challenges introduced by opening up a communication channel to everyone inside an organization.


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