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Infographic: Bringing Hourly and Union Employees onto Workplace by Facebook

Bringing thousands of frontline, hourly, and union employees onto Workplace by Facebook can be daunting. 

Your goal in using Workplace by Facebook is to modernize internal communications to share news, listen at scale, and provide employees with engagement activities. The C-Suite is extremely excited,  but doesn’t understand the intersection of technology, HR and Legal. 

Though collaboration platforms have been around for more than one decade, they were used by exempt desk workers. Adopting a mobile-friendly, intuitive platform, like Workplace, creates a range of questions and challenges for large organizations looking to connect all employees.

How does a company prevent potential wage and hour violations, govern for the use of personal devices at work, and communicate the difference between “required” and “optional” use of the platform?

Carrie Basham Young, CEO of Workplace partner Talk Social to Me, and Allison Eckstrom, Employment and Labor Partner at the global law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, share practical solutions for the most common barriers that prevent hourly workers from participating on Workplace in this infographic. Watch our associated webinar, Bringing Hourly Workers onto Workplace by Facebook, for more insight.


Learn the top five challenges and solutions for bringing hourly and union employees onto Workplace by Facebook from Talk Social to Me and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner.

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