We get your community up and thriving in a quick, controlled, and uncomplicated manner, with typical engagements lasting 6–12 months.

The best community strategies are informed and implemented by your employees who know the culture, the leadership, and the communication norms. Talk Social to Me works "in the trenches" with clients to educate key teams, collaborate on plans, and blend our best practices with how your employees already work.

Bigger isn't always better.
Our model empowers your talent to shine.


How We're Different

  • We deploy a Community Strategist and Community Manager to consult and help clients solve problems, using actual stories, use cases, and models of previous success, not “10,000-foot level” concepts
  • We mobilize swiftly, assembling an agile, experienced team that can move from contract to execution within days, not months
  • We provide quick wins for clients—from template-based guides and action plans to #protips & community newsletters— with a repeatable process that demonstrates progress and results instantly
  • We can embed a dedicated Community Manager inside your network, either as the main “face” of the community or as an invisible “guardian angel” to stakeholders, empowering your staff to learn and then implement without continuous outside overhead
  • We believe that partnerships between IT, Communications and HR create the best outcomes, and we give everyone a seat at the table
  • We run reports, crunch numbers, and intervene to grow adoption and engagement each week

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