Increase Yammer Engagement with Our Group Leader Guide

Your organization has used Yammer for a while, but initial interest has piqued and engagement is on the decline. How can you revitalize the network and make it a success at your organization for the long haul?

We know from experience that Group Leaders are the “secret sauce” to a successful community. Group leaders are responsible for:

  • a group or groups in Yammer,
  • being the point of contact for moderation and the within said group(s),
  • encouraging engagement within the group through regular activity and content,
  • participating in activities as assigned by Yammer system-level administrators,
  • working alongside 1-2 other co-Group Leaders to carry out these responsibilities

As simple and intuitive as it may seem, helping Group Leaders along to reach their fullest potential requires a bit of preparation and sometimes a lot of practice. It’s not always natural for leaders to shift their work habits away from “what they know” into a more open, collaborative home like Yammer. Equipping them with some regular “to-dos” can really help to accelerate Yammer and keep users engaged.

We hope this chart serves as a bit of inspiration as you plan or re-invigorate your Yammer Group Leader strategy.

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