Thinking of Migrating?

Talk Social to Me engaged with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to support a platform migration from Jive to Yammer (to pursue a fully-integrated suite of Microsoft solutions)—with the tall order of building strategic value and integrating “enterprise social networks” into their ecosystem in the process.


In our case study, you'll learn:

*How we pulled off a successful, employee-led migration from Jive to Yammer over the course of 12 weeks

*Our approach to common challenge such as tool fatigue, employee communication, and training

*Why a five-tiered migration strategy based on Jive engagement was instrumental to the transition

*How embedded community management helped Group Administrators become comfortable with Yammer

*Why organic Yammer engagement surpassed what it had been on the Jive platform by over four times


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"Pharmaceutical Company Case Study: From Isolated to Integrated in Weeks"

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