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Microsoft Teams Scavenger Hunts: A Simple, Fun Way to Get Your Team Collaborating

You and your suddenly-remote colleagues have jumped into Microsoft Teams.

With 75 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams has seen 70% growth  since the start of 2020 — that’s a lot of new people diving into digital collaboration. Yes, it works better than email, and it’s much more exciting to use. But now that you’re a few days or weeks into your Microsoft Teams journey, are you living through an uptick in “head scratch” moments where you feel a bit lostAre you unsure where to post, or who can see messages, or why you’re getting popups for some channels but not others?  

Forget the complicated user guides and calling your IT help desk. We’ve compiled three fun, simple Microsoft Teams Scavenger Hunts that you and your colleagues can do together (maybe during your next remote weekly check-in?) to figure out your small-group communications plan. You can’t control what other people do in the app (and no, we don’t know how to prevent everyone from posting recipes in your team’s general channel…we’ve tried), but your small team can agree upon your own good habits for chatting, channels, and setting up the proper foundations for how you get your daily work done. 

Ready to get started? Challenge your working group (using a Teams video call, of course) to collectively work through these scavenger hunts. Make it fun – ring a bell or take a sip of coffee every time you find a solution.  Crown a Teams King or Queen to whoever offers the best ideas. Or – go no-nonsense and see how quickly you can finally calm the noise and get back to work. Whatever approach you take – just get your Microsoft Teams house in order so that you can get collaborating more effectively!

Click on any of the hunts below to download a simple PDF infographic to guide your hunt. Then, come back to our blog for answers if you get stuck.



Beginner: For people who are fairly new to Teams. This hunt is designed to familiarize you with the platform’s most basic functionalities, creating “aha!” moments when you master the tool.

Intermediate: For people who are familiar with Teams and want to dive deeper into features available during live Teams meetings.

Team Owner Foundations: For leaders of small working groups who have some experience with Teams, but who now need to set clear norms and foundations so that everyone is on the same page about what to share and where.

How did you do? What’s the most useful trick you learned? What else should we add? Share in the comments, or reach out via email!

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