Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Classroom Guides for Teachers, Students and Caregivers 

Is your school is moving to virtual learning using Microsoft Teams during COVID19? You’ll want to check out these simple tips and tricks for K-12 teachers and families who need help getting adjusted. 

As teachers and parents know, it’s challenging to try a new technology while transitioning to a new way of teaching and learningHow can teachers safely share their screen in Microsoft Teams? How do parents or caregivers mute their kids so they don’t interrupt the teacher? How does this app work, anyway? Many of us at Talk Social to Me are parents of K-12 studentsWe help big companies use Microsoft Teams every day, and now we hope to help teachers and families learn from what we know. We empathize with you as your school makes the switch; it’s not easy. While we can’t make your kids sit still, we can offer these guides help to ease the transition into the virtual classroom. Hang in there!  

Click on the guides below to download a simple PDF infographic to help you get started. 



Your success in Microsoft Teams is determined by more than your knowledge of the technology’s features. Check out our tips for teachers that go beyond the technology.

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