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Now more than ever, companies need to keep their employees connected and effectively working together. We can help you choose the right tools for your company culture, advise teams on what to use when, and the best ways to communicate to keep everyone on the same page and projects moving forward.

We’ve engaged 260,500 active users in new digital workplace platforms


Teams we’ve coached are 42% more active in their collaboration tools than those without coaching


To date, we’ve coached 2,650 community admins and people leaders on how to effectively engage employees in digital platforms


The number of senior executives we’ve activated and elevated through community leadership engagement coaching

“We knew we needed to partner with Talk Social to Me from day 1. They have the best expertise to optimize Facebook Workplace at a strategic level, and for day-to-day community management. We couldn't do it without them.”

Tiffany LaBanca, Head of Communications, Compass

If you need to invigorate and optimize your digital workplace or internal social network.

Assess and Plan

Your company just started to support remote workers at scale, or maybe you launched an internal social network years ago without a strategy. In either scenario, a new approach is required.

We’ll help you revitalize and organize your efforts to take the weight off of your shoulders. From employee interviews to group cleanup, “champion” coaching to rebranding, we provide hands-on support inside your network to get your program back on track with measurable results.

If you’re launching a new internal communication platform

Accelerate and Measure

You’re tasked with launching a new employee communication platform in the coming weeks. How do you manage such a colossal project with a lean team and minimal resources, all while keeping stakeholders happy?

We’ll partner with you to put all the pieces in place so you’re up and running quickly and successfully. We’ll provide a launch and rollout strategy, group and channel recommendations, hourly worker considerations, leadership coaching, daily platform and community management, stakeholder reporting, and engagement campaigns tailored just for your workforce.

If what you have just isn’t working

Select and Migrate

Your current collaboration or community vendor has just raised prices. Maybe the “official” technology in place is not effective enough for remote workers, and employees are using an unofficial chat app instead. Now there are too many tools to count, conversations are siloed, or worse, they’re not happening at all.

We’ll help you define what you need, select the best communication tools based on the needs of your business and help you implement them. Our unique approach taps into the real-world experiences of employees, and highlights use cases across teams and platforms to create a unified strategy that can easily be executed without all the fuss of a big consulting firm.

How We're Different

Talk Social to Me, authority in the field

We’re an authority in the digital workplace. We’ve helped dozens of brands transform how work gets done over the past ten years.

Talk social to me, bespoke services

Our bespoke services are tailored to your goals, not an academic framework or vendor’s particular process.

talk social to me, expert partners

You’ll like working with us! We are true partners with our clients, working side-by-side with shared accountability.

talk social to me, community managers and strategists

We embed community managers and strategists into your network to help find and solve real problems in real-time.

talk social to me, fast, experienced team

We mobilize swiftly and bring our expert team to work on your project in days, not months.

talk social to me, extra level of service

We work with all the leading technology vendors, which means our recommendations are based on what’s right for you - not them.

Our Technology Expertise

Our philosophy is to be tool-agnostic. We focus on which solution best meets your unique needs, and how to take care of and engage the humans that power your business. Our clients typically use three or more of the following tools -- and we know all of them.

Digital Workplace: Microsoft 365 and G Suite

Team Collaboration: Microsoft Teams and Slack

Corporate Social Networks: Yammer, Workplace from Facebook, Google+ Enterprise

Behavioral Analytics: SWOOP Analytics and Aware (formerly Wiretap)

Communications Studios and Mobile News Apps: Social Chorus, Dynamic Signal, and more

Traditional Digital Communications: Emails, newsletters, digital or print signage

Video Conferencing: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, Skype4Business

Social Intranet Solutions: Jive, Beezy, MangoApps

Custom Tools: Home-grown internal chat or community platforms

Our Partners

Talk Social to Me has over a decade of experience building engaging employee collaboration programs, and we know exactly what works. Some of the biggest technology vendors trust us as their community implementation partner. Learn More

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“Our division was the testbed for the rest of the company globally. It had to be done right. So we hired Talk Social to Me.”

Director, Internal Comms, National Hospital Network

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We’re very effective at creating engaged, happy, productive employees through the intelligent use of social collaboration tools. Our small-group-discovery process is our secret sauce. Want your teams to work better together?

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