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We work with Internal Communications and IT leaders to increase employee engagement using internal social networks. We’re the authority in our field and true partners with our clients.

We engage 152,265 active users every month.


Teams we’ve personally coached are 42% more active in their community than those without coaching


Talk Social to Me has coached 2,415 group leaders on collaboration and community best practices


43 senior executives have learned from us about leadership engagement in a community setting

“We're in hypergrowth and have limited resources. We knew we needed to partner with Talk Social to Me from Day 1. They have the best expertise to optimize Workplace at a strategic level and for day-to-day community management. We couldn't do it without them.”

Tiffany LaBanca, Head of Communications, Compass

Troubleshoot & Rebuild

Your company launched an internal social network years ago without a strategy. It’s a graveyard of groups and a mess of messages. When IT doubles down on keeping the same technology in place, and you find yourself in charge of the revitalization efforts, we can help.

It’s not easy re-launching, but we’ll take the weight off of your shoulders. From employee interviews to group cleanup, and Champion coaching to a rebranding campaign, we’ll provide hands-on support inside the network to get your program back on track with measurable results.

Launch, Accelerate, & Measure

Your CEO has decided to launch a new internal communications platform in the coming weeks, and you’re on the hook for making it work. How do you manage such a colossal project with a lean team and minimal resources — all while keeping stakeholders happy?

We’ll be your partner to build the necessary components that will get your project running and successful quickly: a launch and rollout strategy, group type recommendations, hourly worker considerations, leadership coaching, daily community management, stakeholder reporting, adoption metrics, and engagement campaigns tailored just for your workforce.

Select or Migrate

Your current community vendor has raised prices too high. Maybe you have “official” technology in place, but it’s not good for the field, or employees have decided to use an unofficial chat app to communicate instead. Conversations are siloed, or worse, they’re not happening at all.

We’ll help you define, choose, and implement the best communications technology for the needs of your business when variables like cost, data security, and remote access complicate the decision. Our approach includes learning from end-users, exploring real-world use cases across platforms, and consolidating platforms into a unified strategy — without the fuss of a big consulting firm.

How We're Different.

Talk Social to Me, authority in the field

We’ve worked with hundreds of employee communities over 10 years. We’re the authority in the field.

Talk social to me, bespoke services

Our bespoke services are tailored to your program goals, not some framework or vendor adoption targets.

talk social to me, expert partners

You’ll like working with us! We are true partners with our clients, working side-by-side with shared accountability.

talk social to me, community managers and strategists

We deploy community managers and strategists into your network to help solve real problems in real time.

talk social to me, fast, experienced team

We mobilize swiftly and can bring our experienced team to your project in days, not months.

talk social to me, extra level of service

We enjoy close relationships with tech vendors. Our customers benefit from an extra level of service and access.

Our Partners

Talk Social to Me has over a decade of experience building engaging employee communities, and we know exactly what works. Some of the biggest vendors trust us as their community implementation partner. Learn More

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“Our division was the test bed for the rest of the whole company globally. It had to be done right. So we hired Talk Social to Me.”

Director, Internal Comms, National Hospital Network

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We believe in a people-first digital transformation process where employee feedback drives the strategy for more connection and engagement. We can help you realize this vision.