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Small Business Advisory Services and Strategy Development

Ever since I was in college, I had a passion for running my own businesses. I started out with side hustles, running public relations for a blues singer and starting my own college essay tutoring company. I was a co-founder of Socialcast, one of the first enterprise social networking companies. Then, I started Talk Social to Me as a newly divorced and laid-off mom of a 2 year old. I’ve had great success and I’ve made mistakes – which make me a well-rounded entrepreneur.

One of my favorite jobs today is supporting small businesses and their growth. Together, we can craft your strategy, improve adoption of your app or tool, create more revenue through smart packaging, and help you achieve your goals. Contact me to learn about how we can work together, from an advisory role to a fractional CEO/COO model. The sky’s the limit!

Best for: Early/Small business owners with a product or service, some revenue, and a target market identified

With coaching, you'll receive...

  • Up to twelve 1-hour virtual sessions with your TSTM coaching partner to brainstorm, co-create work, discuss challenges and opportunities, and anything else on your mind
  • Access to your dedicated TSTM coaching partner for emails between calls
  • Share your content (work or personal) for review, editing and collaboration
  • Access to a decade of TSTM’s expertise and relationships in the digital collaboration and internal communications industries

1×1 Advisory and Personal Coaching Package: $3,750.00 USD

Book only your first session below. Credit Cards and PayPal accepted for auto-bookings. Contact us for a traditional invoice or alternate times that work for you to begin coaching.

Choose this when you need to...

  • Get help building a department, team, project or job role from scratch
  • Gain perspective from the outside when your team is small, over-burdened, and without a large budget
  • Make smart, meaningful decisions using best practices from those who have been in your shoes
  • Launch your new job search while continuing your day to day role

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We’re very effective at creating engaged, happy, productive employees through the intelligent use of social collaboration tools. Our small-group-discovery process is our secret sauce. Want your teams to work better together?

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