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1×1 Advisory Services and Personal Coaching Support

You’re a capable, proactive Communicator or Digital Workplace specialist with a passion to create impact. You’re looking to grow your career, make informed decisions, and navigate the corporate waters to achieve your goals. You need a trusted advisor and listening ear to help guide your next moves.

Let TSTM be your personal consultant, peer-reviewer, best-practice partner and industry eye to give you both a sounding board and an informed voice in digital workplace roles. We’ll help you in 1×1 sessions with anything from career advice, reviewing your content and presentations, finding data and resources, and making introductions to people and companies you’d like to get to know.

Best for: Early/Mid-Career Pros in the Internal Communication or Digital Workplace Fields

With coaching, you'll receive...

  • Up to twelve 1-hour virtual sessions with your TSTM coaching partner to brainstorm, co-create work, discuss challenges and opportunities, and anything else on your mind
  • Access to your dedicated TSTM coaching partner for emails between calls
  • Share your content (work or personal) for review, editing and collaboration
  • Access to a decade of TSTM’s expertise and relationships in the digital collaboration and internal communications industries

1×1 Advisory and Personal Coaching Package: $3,750.00 USD

Book only your first session below. Credit Cards and PayPal accepted for auto-bookings. Contact us for a traditional invoice or alternate times that work for you to begin coaching.

Choose this when you need to...

  • Get help building a department, team, project or job role from scratch
  • Gain perspective from the outside when your team is small, over-burdened, and without a large budget
  • Make smart, meaningful decisions using best practices from those who have been in your shoes
  • Launch your new job search while continuing your day to day role

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