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Whether you're evaluating or consolidating collaboration platforms, expanding an employee community, or investigating "social" for the very first time, Talk Social to Me can help you make good decisions and guide your next move.

  • Communications Channel Strategy

    Does your company utilize one single “way” of communicating and collaborating—formally, informally, and for team and project coordination? Or do you suffer from an ungoverned array of communication channels, sometimes known as the “Which Tool When?” syndrome? There isn’t always one catch-all solution for every organization as employees, internal communications, and senior leadership may communicate very differently. Through a series of immersive executive and and employee interviews, analyzed against quantitative company data, vendor demonstrations, and industry research, we get to know your people and culture. The output is a Communication and Collaboration Channel Strategy designed to increase workplace productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

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  • Community Coaching

    Community-building should be simple—and fun! We help set the tone by empowering community leaders with launch materials, training webinars, user guides, and a variety of other best-practices that reward and recognize employees, evangelists, and early adopters for their participation. Every member needs to know, "What's in it for me?" and our proven coaching, training, and community support services will prepare you to create those answers.

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  • Embedded Community Management

    Sometimes we all wish that we had a clone, or even just a few more hours in the day. Our Community Coaching can train you to help your community thrive—or we can take the day-to-day programming off of your plate entirely. Our Embedded Community Managers get to know your organization’s community and culture, interacting directly with your employees as the “face” of the community.

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  • Strategic Consulting

    Senior leader support is the single most important factor in your online employee community's success. We facilitate strategic conversations across your groups and teams, including C-level leaders and high-value use cases. Our Strategic Consultants can advise you on interventions, promotions, and how to overcome common challenges throughout any stage of your planning or implementation process.

  • Inception Workshop

    Do you need help getting started? We work with IT, HR, and Communications teams to define your community staffing needs, goals, strategy and measurement plans before you launch. We can help you assign roles and responsibilities across multiple teams and arm you with a scalable operating plan to make your rollout a success.


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