Thinking of Migrating from SharePoint?

Talk Social to Me engaged with a Fortune 100 Health & Wellness company to rapidly transition away from a customized, non-mobile-friendly SharePoint site toward a robust, social, interactive enterprise social community
all within 12 weeks and without a 3rd party migration tool.


In our case study, you'll learn:

*How we helped tackle common migration challenges such as roll-out communication

*How the user-led migration resulted in the archiving of 90% of old content

*How embedded community management was critical to facilitating daily community activities and training for end users

*How we moved away from "locked down" to "open to all"—and saw organic engagement spike

*How we built a user base that was 8x larger than the SharePoint network in less than a year


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"From Static to Social in Weeks: Platform Migration Made Easy"

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