From Broadcasting to Listening and Celebrating at Scale

Talk Social to Me engaged with a Premium Athletic Clothing Brand to introduce Workplace by Facebook to its corporate office and manager-level store employees. The result was not only a step toward faster information sharing—but a digital embodiment of the Brand's core tenants of health and success.


In our case study, you'll learn:

*How strategy, planning, and senior leadership participation contributed to launch success

*How we offset the perception that Workplace is "too much like Facebook" (i.e., for fun, not work!)

*How strong community management provided the needed training, guidance, and support materials for launch

*How the Brand went from zero presence on Workplace to onboarding their entire organization within eight weeks

*The positive cultural impact that sharing and collaborating can have—sometimes, unexpectedly


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"Premium Athletic Clothing Brand: Clothing, Culture, and Communication Excellence"

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