Welcome, community evangelists! Thanks for stopping in.

Communities are everywhere. Our friends, our families, our neighborhoods, and even our workplaces are networks of people that come together for a purpose.

I started Talk Social to Me because we’ve reached a critical intersection of amazing social technology and the people who power our companies. Employees now have to opportunity to chart their own course, express their ideas, weave new relationships and thrive by sharing who they are and what they know. En masse, these people create the modern workplace communities that fuel an organization’s forward progress.

Companies have a responsibility to support these people and communities at work. They also have a responsibility to shareholders and customers to run a productive, efficient, well-managed organization.

At Talk Social to Me, we believe that social technology and effective community management can bring these critical needs together. We believe that businesses should adapt to the ever-changing world of collaboration to allow their employee communities thrive. We believe that productivity and efficiency are byproducts of an empowered workforce, not goals in and of themselves. We believe that work is distinctly human.

I hope you’ll connect with us about helping your communities thrive at work. And, I invite you to join us in reminding employees everywhere to #dontbearobot – be who you are at work.


Carrie Basham Young
Principal and Lead Community Strategist, Talk Social to Me