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At Talk Social to Me, we believe that communities are the heart and soul of “how work gets done.” From our friends and families, to our neighborhoods and our schools, and, yes—our places of work—it is networks of people that serve as the conduit for information exchange and relationship-building.

Modern social and collaboration technologies have given us the opportunity to leverage communities while being more productive, empowered, and democratic at work. We finally have ways of communicating from anywhere, from any device, and across boundaries that would have once siloed our work. Through communities, we can foster real-time collaboration and unrestricted idea-exchanges to improve how work is accomplished and how employees build loyalty to their employer.

Talk Social to Me has 10 years of experience in the employee collaboration space. Our team has worked with more than 100 organizations on their communication and internal social networking campaigns. From harnessing employee resource groups to facilitating collaborative project management and modern social leadership, we've created community-centric programs that make an impact.

Our philosophy is simple: listen to employees. Understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Respect the unique challenges that impact the work of people in the field, those on-site with customers, and those in headquarters. Once we have uncovered these important details, we can craft a communication channel strategy and a community management program to empower every employee to have a voice.

We know this works because we’ve partnered with the CIO or the Head of Internal Communications at many companies on their collaboration journeys and channel strategies (we in invite you to check out our case studies to learn more).

Let’s connect when you’re ready to learn more about how online communities, collaboration software, and channel strategies can support your top-level initiatives for your organization. Our team is experienced, agile, and always happy to help.


Carrie Basham Young
Principal and Lead Community Strategist, Talk Social to Me