Remote Work

6 ‘New Normals’​ for Home-Based Working Parents in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s been one year since COVID-19 danced onto the radars of America. Back then, it ...

Carrie Basham Young

Digital Workplace

Groundhog Day for Digital Workplace: Why is This Time Different?

You’ve heard the expression: “What’s old is new again.” Traditionally, this phase has not applied to technology – why would any ...

Jen Keyerleber

Microsoft Teams

Beyond Technology: Microsoft Teams Tips for Teachers (and Students, too)

We may be collaboration consultants at work, but the Talk Social to Me team has many parents of young ...

Jen Keyerleber

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Students and Caregivers: A How-to Guide for Virtual Classroom Meetings 

Are you or your young learners new to using Microsoft Teams for virtual school? With the COVID-19 global pandemic, many schools are transitioning students to virtual learning. Several ...


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Teachers: A How-to Guide for Hosting Virtual Class Meetings 

Are you just starting to use Microsoft Teams for teaching? You are not alone. With COVID-19, many schools ...


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Classroom Guides for Teachers, Students and Caregivers 

Is your school is moving to virtual learning using Microsoft Teams during COVID19? You’ll want to check out these simple tips and tricks ...


Employee Social Networks

Digital Rituals, Culture and Navigating Pandemic Times 

Whether we realize it or not, people practice rituals at work. Have you noticed how people connect about the ...

Rachel Medanic

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